About LLogix

LLogix | Birmingham, UK

LLogix is primarily a website design and development organisation that specialises in bespoke websites and app development, meaning all our websites and apps contain a unique fingerprint to help distinguish them from other competitors.

LLogix ensures that it fully understand your business, who your customers are and the market your business operates in, so that we can design and develop a website to truly reflect your business and brand.

LLogix also helps businesses embrace modern internet-enabled technologies into their IT infrastructure, whether those technologies be customer facing portals, or internal communication applications your business operations rely on.

LLogix | Websites and Apps

LLogix inspire unique and high quality websites designed with the users in mind, in order to amplify user conversion rates. LLogix employs a diverse selection of graphics and animations to produce chic and elegant designs.

LLogix's custom website design service will perfectly match both your budget and timescale. Your website will stand out from the crowd with a custom design inspired by LLogix. LLogix can build incredible websites with a range of great functionality, from secure authentication services to bespoke chat applications.

Apps are becoming increasingly popular, and are an effective way to reach out to new and existing users. An app for your business can carry your brand image to new customers and establish strong relations with existing clients. LLogix developers are experienced in participatory design for a range of app development softwares. LLogix developers are trained to minimise development costs and the time it takes to bring an app into production.

LLogix will support your business and enhance your brand with enthusiastic developers who specialise in app development.

LLogix | Digital Strategy

LLogix aims to add value to its clients by improving their online presence through digital marketing and SEO, thus expanding their business at an exponential rate.

LLogix, innovation and marketing; the 3 most important factors to a successful business. LLogix creatively combine innovation and marketing to orchestrate marketing strategies which are specific to your business.

In this increasingly competitive world, marketing is constantly changing so LLogix are proud to offer new as well as thoroughly tested online marketing strategies.

A strong digital strategy synthesised by LLogix will evaluate and optimise your webpages in order to quickly guide users to the products and services they need and pursue. LLogix's marketing specialists have well established techniques of ensuring your brand is seen as the number one brand against competitors.