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Website Design

Bespoke Professional Designs

LLogix synthesise unique and high quality websites which are designed with the users in mind. These websites amplify user conversion rates by employing a diverse selection of graphics and animations to produce chic and elegant designs.

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 Bespoke Website Design

Attract new customers with a distinguished brand design customised specifically for your business.

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 Authentication Services

Secure your customers' user experiences with laboriously tested authentication frameworks from LLogix.

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 Chat Applications

Open up communications throughout your business enterprise to help engage with customers.

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 Responsive Design

Your website portals will be accessible to the entire globe despite differences in device formats.

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Sell goods and services online with E-Commerce services from LLogix!

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Online Marketing

Tailored Marketing Strategies

LLogix starts every customer relationship with how we can help and add value to your business, all whilst providing exceptional customer service. LLogix will construct tailored marketing strategies for your business, offering creative ways to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

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 Search Engine Optimisation

Reach the top in search engine rankings in order to improve your business's credibility.

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 Digital Analytics

Interpret analytical data generated by your websites users to optimise your web services.

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 Social Media Marketing

Utilise predominantly free marketing channels to spread your business's brand.

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Software Development

Lucrative and inspired apps

LLogix has its roots in software development. From simple games to innovative apps, LLogix has valuable experience in app development - your organisation could gain significant advantage by investing in app development.
App development is regarded as an increasingly lucrative challenge for businesses who are aspiring to enhance employee productivity or to increase awareness of their brands through popular app stores.

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 Windows Apps

Help to build intelligent apps for the Windows Store.

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 Android Apps

Android is increasingly popular in many countries. Earn revenue from a potential billion users!

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 iOS Apps

Join the App store of a tech giant renowned for its investment in usability and the customer experience.

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