Authentication Services

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Effortlessly authenticate your employees and customers connecting through an array of different devices.

  • One click registration amplifies user conversion rates. LLogix will employ APIs of your choosing to procure speedy registration and login processes.

  • User sessions are secured with thoroughly tested frameworks. Allow users to login through multiple devices simultaneously. LLogix can fine tune 2-factor authentication to match your users preferences.

  • Provide customers with personalised and targeted information. LLogix will synthesise analytical reports to help optimise business transactions for individual users.

LLogix takes security seriously.
Authentication Services is the perfect solution for businesses who desire custom login and registration services for their apps and websites.
Constructed using thoroughly tried and tested PHP frameworks, Authentication Services provides Single Sign-On (SSO) for businesses who require that their users access confidential information using the same set of credentials across different platforms.
SSO is a cloud-based infrastructure that aims to enhance productivity for employees and clients who use software solutions from a variety of different vendors.

Have total access over your website data
Unlike commonly used authentication systems provided by other website developers, LLogix's authenatication platforms provides the website owner with total control over website data.
Meaning your business is assured that data generated by your users is correctly monitored as legally required. All administrative access to website data will be logged for further monitoring, and thusly, LLogix will provide real-time detection of any anomalies in how data is being accessed and used.