Search Engine Optimisation

On-Page SEOOff-Page SEONegative SEO
Content quality

Well written and high quality content to meet the needs of the users


User-friendly title tags containing keywords relevant to the page topics


Optimised content to increase time visitors spend reading and to decrease bounce rates

Internal links

Website designed for easy navigation for users and search engine crawlers


Keywords and phrases the pages will be found for, perfectly optimised within the content


Effective research of the keywords users will use to find your content


Site optimised for mobile visitors, both on smart-phones and tablets


Website designed to ensure the site loads quickly


H1 headings and subheadings with relevant keywords

Meta description

Well crafted meta descriptions to entice users to visit the page from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)


Pages structured using tools like Google Search Console to enhance listings


Short but effective URLs containing keywords related to topic pages


Fresh content about topics visitors are looking for

Link quality

External links from trusted and respected sites

Text links

Links pointing at pages use keywords that the page is targeting

Link number

Numerous links pointing to your site's pages

Social shares

Many people sharing your site's content on social networks (Social Media Marketing)


Respected people and organisations on social networks sharing your content


Ensure the site is trusted and respectable with authority, history and identity

Repeated visits

Encourage users and customers to regularly visit your site

LLogix will also show you how to avoid the SEO pitfalls that many websites unintentionally go into. Below are some of the many negative SEO factors that LLogix will help you avert.

Excessively using keywords that you want your pages to rank for negatively affect SEO and is not user-friendly

Hidden Keywords

Keywords that are hidden with design and colour are harmful for SEO

Thin content

Content lacking substance and not meeting the needs of the users damages the pages' SEO


Pages being shown differently to humans than search engines is unfavourable

Hidden Keywords

Keywords that are hidden with design and colour are harmful for SEO

Hidden Keywords

Keywords that are hidden with design and colour are harmful for SEO


Ensure your content does not contain too many ads but if you would like your site to have advertisements, make sure you have the right amount


Check that you have not created too many links by spamming blogs, social media and other forums


Make sure your site's content has not been flagged for piracy

LLogix are specialists in SEO optimisation and will create content relevant for your services and products that is enticing, informative and fully optimised to maximise conversion rates.
LLogix continually maintain and improve websites regularly with fresh content, showing search engines that your business is active and to provide users with the best possible online experience.
LLogix offer expert SEO services that are an extremely cost-effective way of gaining credibility while dramatically raising the visibility of your business's site on search engines like Google and Bing, thereby increasing traffic and revenue.
LLogix will use our digital analytical services to devise tailored SEO marketing strategies and show you how effective our SEO services are at improving ranking positions and gaining traffic for your business's site.
The LLogix expert SEO service will increase the search engine rankings of all your pages for the search queries you are targetting, thereby attracting more users and increasing your site's conversion rates. This dramatically raises the number of purchases of your products or services, and so increasing your revenue!