Social Media Marketing

Content Management

LLogix will perform research and planning necessary to better understand your business. Upon completion, this process will help to generate and optimise content to publish on social media platforms in order to enhance your business's brand and customer awareness. LLogix will also optimise the scheduling of the release of content on social media platforms through the use of Search Engine Keyword Planners, to maximise your business's exposure to the public.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

LLogix can also manage your business's Pay Per Click campaigns on social media platforms. Advertising on social media is a guaranteed method of reaching your target customers since social media companies often target social media accounts based on user preferences. LLogix will utilise this existing infrastructure to minimise the cost of these campaigns by liasing with social media companies for you.

Marketing and Public Relations

LLogix will not only optimise communications to reach a larger portion of your business's target audience, but also utilise the communications which best convey the qualities and values of your business to the world. Marketing and Public Relations is becoming an increasingly important investment for even the smallest of businesses, and so LLogix will use its expertise in brand management and digital marketing to communicate the best depiction of your business to the online world.

Auditing and Monitoring

LLogix can also generate statistical data and reports of activities on social media platforms which are related to your enterprise. This is so your business can build a clearer picture of the qualities of your target audience and customer base. Expect regular and detailed reports when using LLogix to perform research into whichever market your business is focused on.