Windows Apps

What we do for you

LLogix's development model has you at the heart of design.
With LLogix, the Windows App development service will have developers working closely with your business to extract the true meaning of your business operations. We want your employees to get into the heads of their audience and customers, and inspire new products and services that create engaging customer experiences. Our developers will help your business to embrace the latest technologies such as Internet of Things and SmartWatches.

Trust and Mutual Understanding

Are you bursting with innovation and creativity? Or does your business need that small amount of guidance to help its publishing of a new App?
LLogix can help in either case, either to propel an original idea into substance or to help inspire your business by closely analysing your business requirements and innovating a new systems solution which addresses these needs. Trust LLogix to build close relations with your enterprise, and any other 3rd party IT providers who may have influence over the direction of apps, websites and other internet-enabled solutions.

How we design and develop

LLogix specialises in participatory design, meaning our developers aren't just software programmers - they are also here to build empathy with your business, the IT solutions it relies on and most importantly your employees. Solutions are rarely misdirected with this design methodology, a methodology which always reduces the possibility of design flaws and product redundancy. Empathy with and sensitivity to the underlying components of your business is key to any product success, for both apps and websites.